We Have a Day

I know it’s barely February but we feel our year is worth reviewing. Derrick had his last day at his job before the new year so we started 2018 off with neither of us working, no update from the courts in Africa, and planning to move by the end of January because that just seemed like the natural next step.

We’ve been planning to move to Africa since the fall of 2017, we just didn’t know when we would move. When no court date came by the end of the year we felt like we were ready to go and should just leave in January.                           

We watched ticket prices for about a week and planned to leave the last week of January. However, when it came down to actually committing and buying the tickets Derrick and I both felt unsettled.

We just quit our jobs to move to a foreign country and transition to being parents of 3…why would we be unsettled? Hopefully you can sense the sarcasm… We figured we were probably just scared and nervous because this was finally it… we would buy tickets and finally have a day…                                                       

A day: we leave comfort and familiarity for the unknown.                

A day: we leave stability for instability                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

A day: we leave community and friends for a community and friendships yet to be developed.                   

A day: pain filled to leave our beloved dog and family for the joy of being united with our children.           

A day: that feels insurmountable...                                                                                                                           

A day: ending our inability to physically care for our boys.                                                                                   

A day: we finally get to unite and live as a family of 5, hopefully forever.                                                        

A day: we arrive at the orphanage to pick up our children and never drop them back off.                             

A day: our children will never be viewed as orphans again.                                                                                 

A day: Derrick and I will be acknowledged by worldly standards as a Mom and Dad.                                     

A day: of fear and excitement.                                                                                                                                   

A day: of uncertainty and of expectancy.

                                                                What a day it will be…

As we felt the weight of “this day”, we decided to seek counsel before we bought our tickets. In doing so, we realized we never actually prayed about whether or not we should leave in January. This was the first major decision in our adoption that we had not specifically prayed about. It just seemed like the next step we should take.

So we decided not to book tickets and to spend time praying about when we should leave. We had also found out that on February 5th, our attorney in Africa will be meeting with the courts to schedule one of our hearing dates that Derrick and I will need to attend. It made sense for us to wait until after February 5th to buy tickets so we knew more of what our schedule would be within the courts.                                                                        

So what have we been doing for the entire month of January you may wonder? Praying, preparing, resting, hiking, reading, learning Swahili and engaging this life and community we have here in Colorado. We started the 40 day prayer challenge together that I did myself back in 2016 when we got matched with our boys.

We’ve been specifically circling things in prayer daily as we wait until we move. We’ve been praying for a family to rent our house while we are gone, a family to take care of our dog, a home in Africa, financial provision, favor and success through the court system, and that we would get to come home this year as a family of 5.

As of today, we can joyfully report we have a family to rent our house, families to care for our dog, and with the help of local missionaries in Africa we just found a house to live in once we get there! We are thankful and blown away by how the Lord has provided.

Despite the provision, this month has not been without its challenges and letdowns. We’ve wrestled with the temptation to believe God is failing us, but we’ve come to realize that the choices of man can let us down, but God is never failing.