Top 5 Adoption Fundraisers

Top 5 Adoption Fundraisers

Fundraising for an adoption can be a daunting task. Adoptions can cost up to $50,000, sometimes more when International travel is involved. My husband and I had to fundraise for an International adoption that we ended up moving over seas for that ultimately failed due to corruption. We eventually began a new adoption process after spending thousands on the first one. We tried many different fundraisers to help us cover costs. Below are 5 great adoption fundraising ideas. 

  1. Online Fundraising Profile

    Creating an online fundraising profile that allows for tax-deductible donations is a great first step. People are more likely to donate when it is tax-deductible.

    Plus, your profile can be shared across social media platforms to reach more people. First check with your adoption agency, they may have a crowd funding site for you to use. Otherwise, check out:


    2. Adoption 5k/Fun Run

    Though this takes time and planning, it is a great way to get people involved. Races are something people already pay for and often do with friends.

    A race can expand fundraising outside your personal network and helps people feel like they’re getting something out of their money. People can even pay the race fee through your fundraising site for it to be tax-deductible. 

    For ideas to get started visit here

    3. T-shirt Sale

    Designing or choosing pre-designed adoption T-shirts is another fundraising method that allows people to get something for their money. Pairing T-shirt sales with a 5k is an effective combination! 

    Fund the Nations is a great site for this. You work directly with staff to custom design your shirts and get great returns on sales! 

    4. Apply for Adoption Grants

    Some organizations will provide matching grants and match up to a certain amount of donations. This is a great motivator for people to donate. They also provide other fundraising options (like selling coffee) depending on the organization. 

    I highly recommend:

    Lifesong for Orphans 

    Other recommendations:

    The Never Alone Foundation

    Show Hope

    The Sparrow Fund

    5. Share your Adoption Story with your Church or other Non-Profit Organizations

    Many non-profits set aside money to give to adoptive families or other mission’s related causes. Our church was our biggest contributor. Writing a support letter is a great way to share your story. 

fundraising his hard and adoption is expensive. Fundraising is a key part of any adoption process. Here are 5 of the best adoption fundraisers you can do! #adoption #adoptionrocks #adoptionprocess #fundraiser #adopt
Try these top 5 adoption fundraisers to help fund your adoption process! All 5 are tried and true methods for fundraising for adoptions. #adoption #adopt #family #fundraise #adoptionjourney #adoptionprocess