Top 5 Fall Vegan Recipes

5 of the Best Vegan Recipes for Fall

I don’t usually write about food or recipes, but with it being officially fall now, I thought I’d share some of my favorite fall recipes! 

My family and I try to eat plant based about 90% of the time, allowing for the other 10% to account for things we just don’t want to give up like Chick-Fil-A JWith a kid in the mix it has been a lot harder to find plant-based recipes she enjoys, so these are some good ones! 

I’ll start with breakfast. In the summer, we almost always have smoothies. They’re a refreshing and cool way to start off a hot summer day. But when fall hits, the mornings get a lot colder, especially living in the mountains. So, here is one of our favorite, warm, fall breakfast recipes!

Steel-Cut Oats – Make Ahead Freezer Bowls by Five Heart Home


I’ve found that vanilla almond milk, or oat milk are our favorite non-dairy milk options. In addition to the honey and vanilla I also add turmeric, chia seeds, and hemp seeds to the full mixture before dividing into the muffin pan to freeze. It adds a little extra nutrients and flavor. 

These are so nice in the morning because you just throw one or two frozen bowls in the microwave for a minute, add bananas, pecans, apples, or fresh berries on top and you have a quick, simple, and healthy vegan breakfast! 

 I buy the steel-cut oats from Trader Joes. They also have mini frozen blueberries in their freezer section near the breakfast items and those go great in the oatmeal also.  

Next are a couple of our favorite Fall dinner recipes. Once Fall hits we start incorporating soups into our weekly meal plans. This is one of our favorites! It is more hearty than a lot of the veggie/minestrone type soups I make, and the polenta adds a nice texture.  


Rustic Winter Stew over Polenta by Isa Chandra


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In addition to soups, pastas are another staple in our weekly meal plan. My husband isn’t a big fan of spaghetti squash, but he loves this! We also do this recipe with normal pasta to switch it up sometimes too! 


Roasted Spaghetti Squash with Mushrooms, Garlic, & Sage by Feasting at Home



Now for the Sunday Football afternoon snacking! Before I started eating vegan, I loved cheese, so giving up cheese was hard for me! I’ve tried several different recipes for vegan queso, and this is my favorite! 

If you’re like my husband, you see or hear eggplant and run the other way. He’s obviously not a fan, in-fact one of his childhood memories is being forced to eat eggplant casserole, so I could understand why he had no interest in trying this. 

But this is also my husband’s favorite vegan queso, so if you usually don’t like eggplant, don’t run, at least try this once!  Vegan queso’s made with cashews are good too, but I don’t like the nutty flavor as much.

Cashew-Less Vegan Queso by The Minimalist Baker 


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Trader Joe’s also has a premade vegan queso called Fiesta Dip, it is really good when you warm it up and mix it with one of Trader Joe’s salsas. We like it with their Organic Corn Chip Dippers!

And Finally, it’s not Fall without apple crisp! We definitely make this recipe a few (too many) times! My daughter asks for this year-round! It’s an easy recipe to let your kids join in on too!


Vegan Apply Crisp by The Minimalist Baker 

These are just a few of our favorite vegan recipes to cook once Fall hits. I hope you enjoy these! They are definitely worth trying, even if you aren’t vegan!