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The Gate

Butterflies fluttered through my stomach as the driver told us we were almost there. I could hardly contain my excitement and anticipation to finally meet the children I full heartedly believed would be my sons. Our driver made another turn and eventually stopped in front of a gate. He honked and waited for someone to open the gate for us to pull through. This gate was the final thing separating us from meeting them.

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End Reflection

Our time in Tanzania is coming to an end and it’s hard to believe. The theme of this experience as been that nothing goes as planned. It’s painful, but it’s ok because we trust it has gone as God planned and someday we will look back on this season and understand. But, for now we are deep in this season and continue to feel the weight and grief this season holds, and man is it heavy.

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First Day of School

I never imagined his first day of school would be in Tanzania instead of Colorado where we live. I never imagined we’d be dropping him off and walking away from an adoption that we worked three years for. There is purpose in all things, and although this was one of the hardest days it was necessary and so important in the process of reuniting a family.

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