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Not All Adoption Is Good

Adoption isn’t always the best option, especially when children still have living family members. Read a perspective from a corrupt adoption experience and why family reunification is so important. Adoption can be a beautiful thing, but it needs to be ethical and in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately not all adoption are.

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Naming Your Child's Trauma

If you’ve fostered or adopted, it’s likely that you’ve parented or are parenting a child that has experienced trauma in their past. Trauma can be so challenging to navigate as it is different and manifests differently for all children.  Learning to name your child’s trauma for them, when they can’t is a great tool in helping them process their emotions.

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3 Questions Not To Ask An Ethnic Adopted Child

Adoption is an amazing thing. Being an adoptive mom, I have experienced many of the ins and outs of adoption. This post is inspired by my 11-year-old daughter and experiences she has had being an Ethiopian child in a white American family. The goal of this post is to inform and educate people that may not have experience interacting with adoptive families and children.

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