Let the Travels Begin

We made our first trip to Africa expecting to meet all three of our boys and to have both court hearings happen. During this trip, neither court hearing happened and we only got to meet our 3 year old son.

Having spent time in Africa a few times before, I knew the Culture and way of doing things was different than here in America but Derrick and I definitely were not prepared for all the obstacles we faced during this trip.

Our first hearing didn’t happen because the Judge had a meeting that day that ran long and she decided not to see any cases afterwards. She wouldn’t reschedule during the next 10 days that we were still going to be there.

The next Judge cancelled our case because a Holiday ended up being on our hearing date and the day after was too busy for her to fit us in. So both hearings got rescheduled in October. We only got to meet the oldest boy because the twins were still in the process of being transferred from a different orphanage in another region. We were told almost everyday we were there that the twins would be moved to the orphanage with their older brother, but the move did not actually happen until the day after we left.

This trip was very eye opening for us. We definitely started out very optimistic not even thinking our hearings wouldn’t happen. Now that we have gotten a taste of the court system we see that getting hearing dates set doesn’t guarantee they will happen.