"Is Anything too Hard for the Lord?"


“Is Anything too Hard for the Lord?” - Genesis 18:14

A few days ago the ruling for our 3 year old finally took place after being postponed 3 times. The ruling is where the Judge gives the final yes or no to our application to adopt. Unfortunately this Judge denied our application.

Ever since our last trip we have been hoping and praying both Judges would say yes to our case. So as you can imagine this news is devastating.

The Ruling for the Twins case is scheduled to happen on Thanksgiving day. We are praying for a miracle, that the twins Judge will say Yes. If she says yes to the Twins than we can appeal for the 3 year old to stay with his brothers.

When we look back on this journey we are blown away by the testimony we have of God’s Power and Presence. Multiple times we have been affirmed and led to believe these 3 boys are our sons. We remember my dream, that we would adopt 3 children, the youngest being twin brothers, and we remember the 40 day prayer challenge where I asked God to allow us to be matched with our kids by the 40th day, and sure enough we were matched with these 3 boys on the 40th day.

We believe God is in control. We believe God is Mighty and Powerful. We believe God has brought us this far and that He will make a way for us to one day be united as a family. We believe God is Good. But even with believing these things our hearts still ache at this set back.

As we’ve been processing everything and anticipating the outcome of the twins ruling later this week the story of Abraham, Sarah and Isaac keeps coming to mind. When the Lord told Abraham he and Sarah would have a son they were well advanced in years and clearly past the age of childbearing.

Knowing this, Sarah laughed when she heard the Lord say that because she did not believe it was possible. But the Lord responded by saying “Is anything too hard for the Lord?” As my heart wrestles with fear, doubt and anxiety this quote keeps resurfacing. “Is Anything too hard for Lord?” And I believe without a doubt that nothing is too hard for the Lord.

He gave Sarah a son which was undeniably a miracle and I believe that he will undeniably perform a miracle again in our adoption story. We are praying the miracle will be that the twins Judge says Yes this week, but if the Lord chooses a different path to complete our adoption we believe that too will undeniably be a miracle and further strengthen our testimony of God’s Power and Goodness.

When Abraham and Sarah did have a son, Isaac, God tested Abraham by asking him to sacrifice Isaac as a burnt offering. Abraham took Isaac to the Mountain where the Lord said, and began to build an altar and prepare Isaac as the sacrifice. The Lord then told Abraham not to lay a hand on Isaac because Abraham showed how he feared the Lord by not withholding his only son from him.

The Lord then provided a Ram to be sacrificed instead and promised to bless Abraham for not withholding anything from the Lord. Abraham then called that Mountain “The Lord will Provide”. This story has challenged us to examine any areas of our adoption that we may be withholding from the Lord.

We’ve felt led to fully surrender the timing of our adoption to the Lord… We’ve never had control of how long or short it will take, but we’ve always hoped it would go as quickly as possible. We still hope that, but for the first time we feel fully surrendered to God’s timetable, trusting his timing truly will be what’s best for all of us.

We’ve also felt led to surrender to the idea that these 3 boys belong to the Lord and if the Lord knows it is best for them to stay in Africa than we will be ok with that too despite being heartbroken.

We ask you to join us in praying for a miracle this week. That the Judge for the Twins will say Yes. Please pray for our hearts also as we wait for the answer and as we accept whatever the answer is. We believe Nothing is too hard for the Lord and we entrust our adoption journey to Him.