In the Air Again

Not only were we literally “in the air again” on our way back to Africa, but the outcome of our trip being successful and the court hearings actually happening seemed to be “in the air again” too.

We came home from our first trip for two weeks before leaving to go back. The day before our flight left we got an email from our Attorney tellings us to cancel our trip and not come. He said the Judges had become indecisive all together about adoption and he did not believe that either Judge would proceed with our hearings.

( We have two different Judges and therefore two different hearings because the court system divided our cases by birthdates. Even though they are all 3 brothers, the twins have one Judge because their birthday is the same and the 3 year old has a different Judge.)

With only hours to decide, we chose to stick to the plan and make our second trip. Neither court hearing had actually been cancelled and we did not want to risk missing the hearing even if it was unlikely to happen. We were excited to finally meet the twins and be united as a family for the first time! We believed God had a purpose for this trip whether it was what we hoped it would be or not.

Before we even arrived in Africa we strongly sensed the Lord’s presence. The first way was totally unrelated to our adoption but was such a blessing for me because I get really anxious flying. The timing for this trip happened to coordinate with my little sister as she was moving to Africa to begin a year long Internship. We were able to get on all the same flights except for the last, shortest, flight to our final destinations.

 The second way occurred on our longest flight from the US to Africa. Derrick and I were standing in the back of the plane stretching when we met a man traveling to the same Country as us. He was with a group of missionaries and when he asked why we were traveling he instantly took interest in our story.

He said he wanted to pray for us and went to grab a woman from his group to join us in prayer. The woman he brought back for us to meet has also adopted and spent a few minutes hearing our story before she prayed for us. During the prayer she addressed literally every spoken and unspoken request Derrick and I had.

She specifically prayed that as soon as Derrick and I stepped foot in the Country the grounds would shift at the courts and each Judge would proceed with our hearings. We felt a heavy peace come over us after this prayer and from the time we stepped foot in the Country to the time we left the peace never lifted. Praise the Lord.

Everyday we were there we spent with all 3 of our boys and what a JOY it was to finally be together. Our 3 year old remembered us from the first trip and the bonding we began to develop was strengthened during the second trip. Bonding with the twins began easily and naturally as well.

When our Court date arrived we spent 4 hours at the court house. Both of the Judges were willing to proceed with our Hearings, however the birth Father did not show up so the Judges would not proceed without him there.

Our Attorney was so sure that our Hearings would not happen that he had told the Father not to come, so he went to work that day and we were unable to get ahold of him to come. Unlike the first trip, BOTH Judges rescheduled our Hearings for the NEXT day and we were able to confirm the Father would be there.

Truly a miracle, as we saw how difficult it was to reschedule quickly on our first trip. So just as the Woman prayed on the plane, there was a shift in the courts with the Judges and we left the Country after both Hearings occurred!!!