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Naming Your Child's Trauma

If you’ve fostered or adopted, it’s likely that you’ve parented or are parenting a child that has experienced trauma in their past. Trauma can be so challenging to navigate as it is different and manifests differently for all children.  Learning to name your child’s trauma for them, when they can’t is a great tool in helping them process their emotions.

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Mother's Day - A Painful Perspective

Mother’s day is great way to honor and celebrate our moms. However, Mother’s day can also be a very painful day. Death, infertility, strained relationships, and illness are some of many situations that can make mother’s day a hard day. Continue reading for a different perspective of Mother’s Day and how you can be sensitive to those around you.

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The Difference Between Listening and Hearing your Child

Kids talk… A LOT… If we are being honest, we probably don’t really listen and actually hear what our children are saying most of the time. It requires a lot of energy to listen close enough to know whether or not your child is saying something important. And viewing something as important could look totally different between a parent and child’s perspective.

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