And Then There Were Six...


We’ve Been Matched!

We are excited to announce we are adopting 3 brothers! The Lord definitely had different plans for us, as we started this whole process planning only to adopt 2 children! Excited and overwhelmed are two common states of mind we shift back and forth between, but we trust that the Lord has called us to this and he will equip us for it!

I have 2 stories I would love to share about how the Lord has led us to and affirmed us in making this decision.

Back in the fall of 2015 my high school youth pastor, who has also adopted, invited Derrick and I to a church service he was preaching at during Orphan Weekend. At the end of the service he had Derrick and I stand and he prayed over us and our adoption journey.

That night, I had a dream that we would adopt 3 kids, the youngest two being twin brothers. I shared my dream with Derrick and we have joked about it over the past few months doubting that could ever happen since all of our paperwork was written up and approved for 2 kids.

Our doubts came to a quick halt when we recently received an email asking if we would be interested in adopting 3 brothers, the younger two being twins. We said yes, we were interested, but nothing was official yet as we had to wait for several other factors to get figured out before it was truly an option.

During this time, I had started a 40 day prayer challenge that encourages you to circle something in prayer for 40 days. I chose to circle our Adoption, specifically getting matched. I had been praying that by the 40th day we would be matched with our kids.

We received the email asking if we were interested on the 34th day of my challenge. On the 39th day, we were told that it will most likely be an option but they didn’t want the Father to make the decision in haste and they were going to give him time to decide before signing papers to relinquish rights.

On the 40th day, I prayed the Father would have peace beyond understanding of what decision he should make regardless of whether it was to reliquinish rights or to keep them under his care. It seemed unlikely to have a decision made the day after they told us they wanted to give it time, but nothing is impossible with God and I held on to hope that we could be matched on the 40th day.

In the afternoon of day 40 I received the news that the Father went back to the attorney and insisted on signing the papers…. making us matched with our kids on the 40th day of my prayer challenge.

Currently we are in the process of updating our homestudy for three kids instead of two and waiting for re-approval from the state and US Immigration. Derrick and I need to sign paperwork and send it back to the Attorney in Africa and then it will be processed and a date will be set for Derrick and I to travel to the country and attend court.