“For God has made me fruitful in the land of my affliction.” - Genesis 41:52

About Jaimee

Jaimee is a wife, mom, registered nurse, registered psychotherapist, student, small business owner, and soon to be mental health nurse practitioner. To say her plate is full may be a bit of an understatement at times, but she is thankful for the many roles the Lord has allowed her to take on during this season of life. 

Jaimee became passionate about blogging after the journey her and her husband, Derrick, had with adoption. She has experience with International, corrupt, failed adoptions, domestic, second chance adoptions, and successful adoptions…. As a result of all these experiences her and Derrick have a beautiful daughter from Ethiopia. 

About Derrick

Derrick is a husband, father, commercial loan officer, Microsoft excel mastermind, and entrepreneur. He is always coming home with new dreams and business ideas, and loves all things related to finance. He is great at networking with people and providing financial advice and budget ideas.

His most recent kick is minimalism, and he’s even gotten his 11-year-old daughter on board challenging Jaimee to get rid of shoes, clothes, and household items she hardly uses

When Derrick is not working or writing, he enjoys running, hiking, camping, and playing basketball.

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Why “Hope In Affliction”?

We’ve been learning to accept the reality that life is hard. No matter how much we push back or how good of a fight we put up, life is still going to be hard. We are learning how to have hope when we feel like we’re living in the land of affliction, and to trust God really can bring fruit from that affliction. We all live in a constant degree of affliction whether in our marriage, finances, parenting, workplace, or even just internally with our thoughts and self-beliefs. We’ve recently experienced a lot of affliction due to the busy season of life we’ve been in. We both want to write about things we are passionate about, so we decided to combine our blogs so we can split the workload and have more time to spend as a family.  

We hope this blog can be a place of encouragement, insight, and support for those journeying alongside us through the many lands of affliction.  

It is good for me that I was afflicted, that I might learn your statutes.
— Psalm 119:71